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Top Best Unique Places To Visit In Virginia 2019

Virginia, which is a southeastern US state, is a breathtaking destination for anyone looking for a vacation. Its architectural glory is visited by few but lauded by many. With its blue ridge mountains, sandy beaches, and a plethora of historical attractions, you wouldn’t want to miss what Virginia has to offer. So, if you’re in search of the best tourist places in Virginia, this would promise to be an exciting read.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Virginia, with its sandy shores enticing the travel enthusiasts to visit them at least once. Surrounded by malls, nautical statues, and a number of outdoor restaurants, it is an ideal place for enjoying your vacation. However, if cycling, inline skating, or merely walking is what you prefer, the boardwalk of Virginia Beach wouldn’t disappoint you.

So, whether you’re a solo traveler or traveling with someone, the nightlife, boat tours, sea kayaking, golfing, and amusement rides that surrounds Virginia Beach will truly make your trip quite memorable.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is one of the best visiting places in Virginia, comprising mesmerizing beauty spots and cascading waterfalls that truly defines the rolling hills and blue ridge mountains of Virginia. With various species of birds and animals adding to the sightseeing, you would want your Skyline Drive to be slow with random stoppages in between so that you can truly stop and appraise the magnificent beauty that Shenandoah National Park has to offer.

Holiday Inn Newport News Famous Places Of Virginia

Places To Stay In Newport News If you’ve been to Virginia and haven’t been to Holiday Inn Newport News, you’ve probably missed out on a lot! Since its inception in 2018, Holiday Inn Newport News has continued to fascinate its clients. While a number of hotels aren’t pet-friendly, this hotel welcomes your pets too with grace. The locations at which Holiday Inn Newport News is situated are ideal for a perfect vacation, especially when you consider the fact that it offers a complementary shuttle to and fro Williams-burg International Airport. Your stay at Holiday Inn Newport News, Hampton will be further enriched if you decide to experience the on-site Burger Theory restaurant, which boasts some of the best burgers in town, and is an ultimate choice for people residing within and around the city center.


Nothing captures the aura of American Civil War better than Winchester, which is one of the most interesting places in Virginia. The area of Winchester has hosted a number of battles during American Civil War, which has been its main focus. Besides this, Winchester houses the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, further strengthening the art and history of the region that Winchester has tried so hard to maintain.


Hampton is one of the best cities to visit in Virginia, comprising a number of top attractions for which Virginia is famous. If you’re in Hampton, you’d absolutely fall in love with the scenic beauty of Buckroe Beach and Park, the sandy beaches of which are known for hosting outdoor movies and night concerts. This beach has a huge parking space, a rental of paddleboats and kayaks, restrooms, a nice path for cycling or walking, and a playground.

Hampton is also famous for Fort Monroe National Monument, which has become a famous tourist attraction of late, offering beaches, a marina, picnic areas, fishing, and natural trails that stretches out for several miles. Besides this, other tourist spots include Casemate Museum of Fort Monroe and Virginia Air and Space Center, making Hampton easily one of the best cities in Virginia for tourists to visit.


If you’re searching for the best places to visit in Virginia, you wouldn’t be disappointed with the offerings of Williamsburg. It was founded in 1632 and is perceived as the best tourist attraction of Virginia due to the rich American colonial history that it vibrantly exudes. The open-air museums of Historic Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg supplements the art and history that Williamsburg promote. However, if you’re not fascinated by these historical landmarks, Williamsburg also promises a thrilling trip in the form of a lazy river, a wave pool, exciting slides, and its rollercoasters.


If there is one place in Virginia that never runs out of historical sites, it is Abingdon hands down. Every nook and cranny of this town is filled with historic connections and landmarks. If you want to know more about the history of this illustrious region, invest some of your time in roaming the Fairview Historic Homestead or the Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum, which would not only enhance your vacation, but amplify your knowledge about the place as well. Abingdon promises solitude too, which you can rightly experience by walking on the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument

In 1779, the cataclysmic fire obliterated the home of George Washington, America’s first president. However, it has been exquisitely rebuilt and made available for the tourists to visit. You may also choose to visit the Kitchen House and Memorial House, which reenacts how soap and candles were made during the period when Washington was alive.


Similar to other places in Virginia, Charlottesville is famous for its history. However, the fact that it has 20 vineyards gives an additional reason to visit, especially for people that love to try the new wines that Virginia has recently be coming up with. The outdoor environment of Charlottesville is pretty engaging as well, allowing tourists to visit a number of orchards, take scenic drives, cycle or hike on trails, and kayaking on the Rivanna or the James Rivers.


Norfolk is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Virginia, with its shoreline boasting not only one of the best beaches but the largest navy base in the world. Although this place was entirely destroyed by fire during the American Revolution, it has been rebuilt to ensure that the visitors are kept engaged by its culture, art, and endless opportunities for entertainment.

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