Absolutely the best and famous unique place to stay in Newport News Virginia

10 Most Famous Beautiful Places To Visit In Newport News In Virginia

10 Most Famous Beautiful Places To Visit In Newport News In Virginia

Newport News is one of the best places to visit in Virginia if you wish to know more about the past of the United States, as this city in the U.S. state of Virginia is simply steeped in historical gems, traditional buildings, beautiful galleries, and powerhouse museums.

To that end, you can enjoy exploring famous places of Virginia such as a model of a Civil War ship, along with a wide range of former plantations and houses that served as the sites for some of the most critical periods of the Civil War in America.

As far as art is concerned, there is also plenty of things to enjoy here, and you can check out museums, art galleries, and theaters here, as well as catching a play in one of the most beautifully restored theatres in the great state of Virginia.

1. Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center

The Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center is the most beautiful place in Virginia and was built in honor of Ella Fitzgerald, a legendary singer. It is also the location of the magnificent Ella Fitzgerald Theater, which has a capacity of over 270 spectators. A lot of tourists may not realize that Ella Fitzgerald was born in Newport News in the year 1917, and thus, this is a perfect tribute to one of the stars of the Newport News.

2. Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum is generally said to be the jewel in the crown of the state of Virginia and is one of the best places to visit in Virginia if you love wildlife and all things related to nature.

The Virginia Living Museum is a showcase of local wildlife, and you will find diverse species like red wolves, bald eagles, and sea turtles here. Other tourist attractions here include self-guided tours of the nature gardens as well as a greenhouse and a boardwalk.

3. The Mariners’ Museum/USS Monitor Center

The Mariners’’ Museum is also America’s National Maritime Museum in Newport News and is a perfect place to stop by if you need to know more about all things related to marine life. There are more than 35,000 nautical pieces in the collections on show here, and these include paintings, models of ships, and even antique vessels.

4. Holiday Inn Newport News

Holiday Inn Newport News is a pet-friendly hotel that offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from PHF Newport News, Williamsburg International Airport. Holiday Inn was opened in the year 2018 and is an IHG Award Winning Hotel.  It is located near Hampton, Virginia, and just 17 miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park.

Holiday Inn Newport News also offers an on-site family-friendly dining experience that’s tasty, relaxing, social, and fun! On-site Burger Theory Restaurant is among the best restaurants in Newport News and Hampton. Host your next birthday celebration, corporate event, or retirement party in the countryside, indoor, and outdoor dining space.

5. Virginia War Museum

To learn all about the United States military history, visit the Virginia War Museum, which is filled with unusual past antiques. The wide range of collections here will take you back to the year 1775 before whisking you up till the present day, and you will discover galleries filled with vintage items such as vehicles, weapons, and uniforms. A number of the signature features here include a section of the Berlin Wall as well as a piece of the wall from the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany.

6. Ferguson Center for the Arts

The Ferguson Center for the Arts is part of the Christopher Newport University and is somewhere that you don’t want to miss. The Ferguson center for the arts is famous for having unique artwork from all over the world. More than one million tourists flock here every year, so know that this is one of the best places to visit if you are in Virginia.

7. The Newsome House Museum & Cultural Center

It is the former home of J. Thomas Newsome. Newsome was an eminent member of the Newport News community and served as an attorney and correspondent in the area and is accredited with paving the way for African-Americans in the state of Virginia after the American Civil War.

The home was recognized as a meeting place for the African-American community in Newport News, and you can now visit the property to learn more about this fantastic period of history along with the cultural significance of this period residence.

8. U.S. Army Transportation Museum

For anyone looking for an unusual museum experience, the United States Army Transportation Museum could be simply the ticket. There are models of vehicle terrain along with historic equipment on display, and the museum has numerous galleries both in and out of doors. You can also find eclectic exhibits as trains, helicopters, and boats here.

9. Peninsula SPCA and Petting Zoo

It is a perfect day out of you love animals, or you are visiting with kids who are sure to enjoy getting hands-on with the diverse wildlife located here.

The petting zoo is home to tortoises, peacocks, resident Alpacas, goats, chicken, and sheep, and there is also a Black Leopard here who is named Shadow.

10. Lee Hall

Lee Hall dated from the year 1859 and used to belong to the leading local occupant and planter Richard D. Lee. Lee Hall is built in the Victorian style and has been beautifully restored so that tourists get an accurate view of what life would have looked like in the late 1800s in the state of Virginia.

You can see a wide range of fantastic exhibits here, for example, period antiques and get to know all about the cultural importance of this house, which similarly served as the Confederate headquarters of General Johnston and Genera Magruder. You can avail a guided tour of the Lee Hall and grounds with one of the native docents to learn more about this beautiful historical relic.

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