Best Things to Do at Virginia Beach

When you pick VA Beach, you’re not just making a safe and healthy choice for your ocean vacation; this will also be a fun one. With a horde of surprisingly fantastic things to do here, the tourists rush there every season of the year. Boredom can frequently result from the exhaustion of the monotonous routine. And if you have kids, their boredom could feasibly become your aggravation.

That’s why around six million visitors choose Virginia Beach to relax, unwind, and be entertained — every season. What to do in VA? Well,everybody can find something fun to do there, be it singles, couples, or families. Below you’ll find over 11 Virginia Beach attractions available to add to your list of things to do in Virginia Beach.

1. Virginia Craft Beer Tour

Taste the best craft beer in Virginia

Virginia Beach is swarming with craft beer brewed right by the sea, from Wasserhund to Back Bay Brewing—they’re all enchanting. This tour gives you some behind the scenes action and allows you to chat with brewers and sample their creations, accompanying an experienced local guide and no need for a designated driver. You will have enough stops for ample tastings, so you can get to know the surroundings a little better through the unique stouts, ales, and IPAs it’s inspired.

2. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Stroll between beach and bars at Virginia Boardwalk

The boardwalk is a portrait of fun things to do in Virginia Beach at its best: a pristine beach, bustling bars, and plenty of surprises everywhere. During summer, entertainers are spotted along the 3-mile long route, and four stages offer live music, and there’s an isolated path for surreys and bikes – a fun thing to rent.

3. Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia’s official symbol for spectacular views

Extending up to ninety feet, this is the 4th most ancient lighthouse in the country and was the first project to be approved by President George Washington himself sometime around 1792. Beginning at the bottom of a 50-foot sand-dune, visitors need to climb around 191 steps to visit the tower’s lantern room, inclusive of scaling a nine-foot ship ladder. Your reward is the unbelievable panoramic coastal views, naturally.

4. Neptune Festival

Make the most of your summer with the Neptune Festival

Covering a whole swarm of Virginia beach activities, the Neptune Festival spells out all the stops for a final summer bravo (usually around September) of live music, sand sculpting, craft fairs, and parades. Take a look at the breathtaking creations of the world’s best sand sculptors, settle down to enjoy the fireworks with that fennel-cake you couldn’t resist and then dance this glory away, all along with the lively bands from boardwalk stages.

5. Atlantic Avenue Trolleys

Ride the Wave for a nostalgic afternoon

Adding a vintage feel to the lively Atlantic Avenue, these trolleys, referred to as the Wave, are stationed out like 1920s transport for a tour to the past. For as little as $2, you get to spend a day on the ride on three routes and visit spots like the First Landing State Park, aquarium, and plenty of beaches.

6. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Get acquainted with various sea species at Virginia Aquarium

Virginia’s beaches bring in a massive amount of tourists. However, these waters help flourish a unique ecosystem – something to be explored by nature enthusiasts. The Center houses over 800,000 gallons of aquarium space with a tremendous amount of interactive exhibits as well as boat trips to the wild seas. With an aviary, a nature trail, and a 3D National Geographic Theater as well, you’ll look at these waters of Virginia little differently when you leave.

7. Chic’s Beach

Take a breath at the beach and relax

Chic’s Beach is a favorite local thanks to its soft sand, calm waters, and lack of gatherings. While it takes some additional effort to look for it, the reward is a serene spot to spread your towel and relax under the sun. Fan of ghost crabbing? Well, it doesn’t matter; all you need is a torch, bucket, and quick hands to catch the nocturnal critters!

8. Vibe District

The city’s creative district offers a horde of different things

Around the boardwalk lies a creative and quirky hub of cafes and coffee roasters, distilleries, museums, and artisan workshops. Holding pop-up events, monthly markets, and guided tours, the ViBe district is your rabbit hole to the whole new side of Virginia Beach. Whether you like a touch of beats or drag and beer with your brunch, there’s no better place to sample the efforts of the city’s independent creators and makers.

9. Virginia Living Museum

See endangered red wolves. Take a good view of the loggerhead turtle and moon jellies. You can also see fish with no eyes and frogs with changing colors. Touch fossilized dinosaur tracks and live spider crabs. It’s all at the Virginia Living Museum, where living exhibits depict Virginia’s natural heritage from the mountains to the sea. It’s one of the best things to do in Newport News VA, where the Museum introduces visitors to approximately 250 living species native to Virginia through discovery centers, exhibits, and interactive, hands-on sessions.

10. Croatan Beach

Take to the Waves at Croatan Beach

Housing the East Coast Surfing Championships for around 40 years, Croatan beach is a marvelous point to take your board in VA. With two labeled surfing areas and lifeguards to facilitate everyone, there’s no better way to enjoy boarding. For first-timer or those who are feeling rusty, surf camp and lessons are organized at the southern surf area all through the summer.

11. First Landing State Park

Come for the history and stay for the trails

This historic state park comprises of 19 miles of trails winding through forests, salt marshes, and sand dunes, and that’s just an overview. When the English Colonizers landed nearby to the park on April 26, 1607, they pushed up to Jamestown and began the first elective government—you’ll find yourself wondering why they ever left. You can fish, camp, and bike here too, so explore to your heart’s content.

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